Managing Uncertainty – How to Communicate Effectively under Pressure

October 05, 2021
We are exploring the importance of communication in leadership.

We will be diving into questions such as how do leaders communicate effectively in their organisation top down, how is this implemented structurally, how does this impact culture, how and if communication style impacts the bottom line?

We will be taking a theoretic and practical look at how to achieve the most effective communication with multiple different types of personalities, and, draw insight from experts on how to implement cultural changes in their organisation so that leaders achieve the intended results.

Fireside chat
- Preston Ni, Professor, coach & trainer
- David Everhart, CEO, Ionis International
- Rebecca Sangster-Kelly, A Comms & Stakeholder Management Coach

Moderated by:

- Jessie Frahm, DKUK Young Professional Board Member, Founder of The Brand Catalyst

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