Briefing: COVID-19, BREXIT and the continued disruption...

277 views June 10, 2020

The outlook for 2020 from an economic and financial perspective A lot has happened since the...


HR Matters Webinar: legislation updates 2023/24

11 views March 22, 2023

Be a responsible employer and get ready for the latest UK employment law changes. Be a...


Web3 - Privacy and Security webinar

25 views December 05, 2022

A deep dive into the ecosystem of web3 We will be taking a deeper dive into the ecosystem of Web...

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Risk management

48 views November 24, 2022

Why risk-management is key for both investing and rugby?

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Technology 60 Seconds Square

8 views November 24, 2022

How is technology improving rugby & trading?

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Technical Analysis 60 Seconds Square

7 views November 24, 2022

What can traders learn from Harlequins’ use of technical analysis?

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The Lone Strøyberg Scholar 2022/23

120 views November 08, 2022

The Lone Strøyberg Scholarship – Sustainability in Entrepreneurship


Brexit Surgery – Keeping Trade Moving and what have we...

62 views September 07, 2022

A summary of practical solutions since the UK exited the EU - Considerations and tips for...


The Future of Food

204 views September 01, 2022

Promoting a better future of food – are we moving in the right direction and how do we keep a...


Web 3 – Managing Uncertainty – Web3 Ecosystems

80 views June 10, 2022

This event will explore Web3, the evolution of the internet and discuss the uncertainty that the...


Economic Update 2022 with Nordea

27 views February 07, 2022

Key economic trends and what lies ahead in the economy in 2022 provided by Kristian Nummelin,...


The Future of Work: How to Manage the Transition

43 views January 20, 2022

Join us for a fireside chat for a discussion exploring a range of pressing "return to office"...


Female Entrepreneurship and Innovation

62 views October 05, 2021

Everyone, regardless of gender, has the ability to innovate and build a better world! DKUK are...


Managing Uncertainty – How to Communicate Effectively...

61 views October 05, 2021

We are exploring the importance of communication in leadership. We will be diving into...


We’re launching the Danish-UK Association’s Brand Book!

207 views June 18, 2021

It is now over 3 years since the merger of the Danish Club in London and the Danish-UK Chamber of...