We’re launching the Danish-UK Association’s Brand Book!

It is now over 3 years since the merger of the Danish Club in London and the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce.

We have had a close look at who the Danish-UK Association (DKUK) are today. With 4 members of the board, and 30 representative selected members, we have worked on the brand, mission, purpose, services, and with that, this community have come together mapping a path forward of mutual value to all members.

This recording is from the launch of the new Brand Book of DKUK’s mission, purpose, member benefiting services, and DKUK’s brand, as well as a picture into the process leading to this for a greater understanding.

We welcome your feed back and to engage with the community www.dkuk.org or email [email protected]

Brand Book Download 

00:00   Welcome and setting the scene 

01:50   The history behind and why we started the process

03:18   Introducing project leader Jessie Frahm, Board Member and Brand Specialist

05:18   Jessie Frahm explaining the methodology and the work behind

15:55   Launching the new Brand Book

18:44   DKUK's Brand on a Page

22:09   Stronger Together

23:00   Danishness - what is it?

24:34   How do we speak?

26:37   The role of DKUK and what happens next.

32:02   Example of how members engage

32:28   Food, Drinks and Hospitality Group

37:43   Young Professionals seeking inspiration

42:07   Bridge Club

46:56   Questions

47:43   Comments from the Chairman


With a history dating back to 1863 and Royal Patronage, the DKUK (Danish-UK Association) is a well-established community focused on connecting people, knowledge sharing, and increasing the member’s visibility.

Our members all have cultural and/or business ties in both Denmark and the UK. It is our purpose to provide a community that connects people and fosters personal, cultural and business relationships. We believe the role of a healthy community is to provide inspiration for everyone. Rooted in Danish values and thinking we deliver connections, knowledge and awareness.

To that end, we run social, cultural and business-focused events; offer businesses increased visibility within the community and wider network; and keep everyone connected through the sharing of news, offers and announcements

We connect people. We celebrate Danishness. We have a good time.

Join us and be part of our busy calendar of social and business events, find opportunities to grow your connections, become more visible, and enjoy offers and discounts for members.

Thomas Trautmann June 22, 2021 07:40 PM Delete

Very good and interesting… Now, Saturday, let’s go and beat Wales

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