The Future of Work: How to Manage the Transition

Join us for a fireside chat for a discussion exploring a range of pressing "return to office" topics.

Our speakers and DKUK members, Goodwille’s HR Manager Jacqui Brown and HR Advisors Anni Glesaaen & Robert Winchester will guide you through what to consider and expect in the return to office and hybrid working landscape.

During this webinar, we will cover:

Bringing employees back to the office – what you need to consider when developing your “return to work plan”
Key considerations for employers implementing flexible remote work arrangements
Avoiding discrimination claims when bringing employees back to the office
The ‘Zoom Effect’ – Camera’s on/off – the culture of presenteeism
Hiring in a remote/hybrid working environment – avoiding discrimination and bias

For more advice please visit the following links for next steps:
- https://goodwille.com/human-resources/
- https://dkuk.org/events/the-future-of-work-how-to-manage-the-transition/

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