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Sustainability and the future of Energy

April 23, 2021 energy, sustainability, sustainable
How can cleantech and flexibility enable a carbon neutral energy supply?

he UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7 calls “Affordable and Clean Energy”.

“The future electricity market will be decentralised and more dependent on digital tools, and flexibility is the key to success,” states Catharina Sikow-Magny, Director, European Commission.

The vision of the European regulator for the future of energy aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 by setting target for states and enterprises to make progress on energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources by 2030.

But how do they do it? What are the drivers? What are the obstacles? Lots of questions.

What the recording here and meet 3 leading players in each their way from the European energy market who are working towards affordable and clean energy utilising new technologies and shaping the regulatory agenda.

Join us to explore these questions, and take away lessons learned and visions that can help drive this forward. This is an event for business leaders, young professionals and less young professionals alike – no difference as it involves us all!

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