Reigniting Your Business After Lockdown

As businesses prepare to re-emerge from the pandemic, how can they adapt to a new working world? How is your business adapting?

Many businesses – maybe yours too – have been more or less dormant since the first lock down in 2020, or run at very reduced capacity, possibly with staff and leadership being furloughed.

When starting back – do you just start where you left it last year? Are you able to get your staff back. Do you need to look at more flexible work patterns – maybe working from home worked well? Are there maybe better ways going forward?

We will look at the burning questions around how to return from the pandemic to a business world that has changed.

Adapt and re-energise!

In a hot seat style interview, business consultant Jan Bowen-Nielsen and HR Manager Jacqui Brown will discuss ways business leaders can think about adapting and re-energising their business and staff (as well as themselves) to successfully re-emerge after a year of ‘hibernation’ with many or all staff working from home or being furloughed.

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