Nordea Economic update 2021 w Analyst Kristian Nummelin

January 28, 2021
What lies ahead in 2021? Nordea gives us an update. Watch the recording here.

Economies are being pushed to the limit across the world right now. Whether it is national economies, corporate economies or indeed our personal/family economies, we are all being challenged by the pandemic, and many by the United Kingdom no longer being part of the European Union.

How does it really look though? Is it really as bad as many think? Are some economies doing well? Are there any silver linings to all of this in the UK and the Nordic Countries?

Join us and listen to the forecast and analysis by Nordea and Kristian Nummelin here.

Organised by: Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce, Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), #BritishIcelandicChamberofCommerce and Danish-UK Association

#trade #internationaltrade #economy #economicanalysis

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